CBMcdb and GSI WebLogin HOWTO

You read this because you have problems to login to the CBMcdb. Authentication in the CBMcdb is via GSI WebLogin user names and pass words. A GSI WebLogin account is created automaticaly for all members of the CBM collaboration, if you are on the CBM-MEMBERS mailing list, you should also have a GSI WebLogin.

Forgot your GSI WebLogin user name ?

Your GSI WebLogin user name is
  • in case you have a GSI email address:
    the name part of your GSI email address, in most cases initials+familily name. So use your GSI email address without the '@gsi.de'.
  • if you don't have a GSI email address:
    the full email address you specified when you registered

Recover your GSI WebLogin user name

Use the 'Forgotten GSI WebLogin User name ?' function on the login page and enter your email address. In case it matches an address registered in the CBMcdb an email will be send with your CBMcdb personal record, including your GSI WebLogin user name.

Rover your GSI WebLogin password

Use the 'forgotten password ?' link on the login page, it is right next to the password field.

Really need a new account ?

In case you really need a new account, or if all the methods mentioned above didn't help, please send an email to w.f.j.mueller@gsi.de.